The education game

“Unschooling or home educating parents often draw distinctions between what they are doing versus what a school teacher or homeschooling parent would do, but I often see little difference between schoolish educational coercion and what they themselves advocate. There is a pedagogical agenda in both cases.”
– Sarah Fitz-Claridge


From the archives: Posted on 21st October, 1994

“I don’t think it’s bad for a child to act out a story they read, or invent a science experiment to prove something they learned.”

If the child chooses to do any of those things, I agree, but if not, I see little difference between what you advocate, and these items below (which you are not recommending).

“The other three are parroting, prying (a.k.a. Spanish Inquisition), and hot seat (“Aha, I see you weren’t paying attention. Quick, give me a summary of what I just said.”)”

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