If you think that babies’ lack of explicit language means we can’t possibly take their wishes seriously because there is no way to ask them, think again! Here is Vivek Patel talking about how he sought the consent of a five-month-old baby, noticed the baby’s lack of consent, and honoured that baby’s lack of consent.

Feeling puzzled about Taking Children Seriously or non-coercion more generally? Wondering how curiosity-driven learning with no parental educational agenda actually works in practice? Watch this entire interview with Lulie Tanett to get an intuitive feel for it as well as an intellectual understanding. [video]

(From 23:30) David Deutsch talks about Taking Children Seriously (interviewed by Naval). | [video]

In conversation with Vivek Patel and Sarah Fitz-Claridge | Taking Children Seriously, at the Oxford Karl Popper Society. [video]

Taking Children Seriously: A New View of Children, a talk given by Sarah Fitz-Claridge, at the Oxford Karl Popper Society. [transcript] [video]

Baby language expert Priscilla Dunstan translating babies’ pre-crying utterances for a group of parents and their babies on the Oprah Winfrey show. “Neh” = “I am hungry.” “Eh” = “Burp me on your shoulder.” etc. All parents of young babies will want to see this!

Sarah Fitz-Claridge: Taking Children Seriously, Fallibilism and the Growth of Knowledge, on the Arjun Khemani podcast. [audio] [youtube]

Sarah Fitz-Claridge – Taking Children Seriously | The Lunar Society podcast #15. [audio] [video]

Do Explain with Christofer Lövgren #16: Taking Children Seriously, with Sarah Fitz-Claridge. [audio] [youtube]

Taking Children Seriously, ‘Media’,