Sooooo bored in school

“i am really bored. so i decided to write an email to ppl. i have nothing to do. i am at skool and i find it very boring.”
– ‘Ryan’


From the archives: 2003

hey hey, i am really bored. so i decided to write an email to ppl. i have nothing to do. i am at skool and i find it very boring. i am in michael [Surname]’s business class, but michael [Surname] isnt here today. instead we have this dude that i have never seen before. ahh i should b doing ‘work’ right now, but its all so pointless so i decided not to do it. i am in a random mood right now. i am going to type the first thing that comes to mind. u know wat. michael jackson is a homo and a petofile. i feel sorry for his kids. like rele sorry for them, they have to figure out if he is theyre mother or father cuz he/she has such a high pitch long woman like hair and wears lipstick. sounds like a woman to me but u never can be sure these days. but he/she is really ugly so yea. n e ways i wanna go on msn but these crappy computers dont have it. i really want to bring my laptop sometime, but i keep forgeting to. plus i cant find my case. ugh how school is boring. lucky homeschooled ppl. i want pizza, pizza is good. damnit theres half hour of class left. soo hungry. ahh tony wandered over to the other side of the room to tlk to me. he says hi. ahh tony is being yelled at. ahh teacher is coming over. tony made a good lie and went back to his seat. ugh this is boring. sooooo… bored. i am listenin to queen right now. SHES A KILLER QUEEN!!!!! ok enuf with that song. CAN ANY BODY FIND ME SOMEBODY TO LOVE, now thats a good song. i think i’ll continue listening to this one. ock boredem. i dont like skool. dont u h8 life? i have many reasons to h8 life. life sux ass.

im so bored ahh randomnessssssss, whoa this is keeping me entertained, just typing and typing and typing and typing about nothing. FUN FUN. BORING SKOOL, so boring. these chairs are so crap. i want to sit on the floor. more comfortable than the crappy chairs. u kno what, im bored, ahh good old randomness. ok i have heard enuf queen for now. time for a random cd, lets pick… eee neee meeeny minnney moe, catch a tiger by the toe, if he haulers let him go, eennyyy meeeny mineys moe… i have chosen led zepplin. what an excellent choice. ahh so bored. i should skip this class, its so boring. ahh now ppl are yelling and i dont know y. teachers in this skool are so short.

i tower over some of them, its hilarious, even funnier is [name], being 6’0. a janitor just pushed the teacher onto a desk. it was funny. n e ways so bored. i like queen. [Name,] u have to come back to [Place] asap. theres nothing to do here, ahh so bored. ahh so bored. I wANNA GO TO ZELLERS, tony just left the class. i want food god damnit. so hungry. I WANT FOOD. skool sux cuz its boring. boring. boring. polish ppl bother me, the are weird. so bored. RANDOMNESS. yes i am bored. i’d laugh if sumbody sum 1 actually read this whole letter. ok well im gonna leave now cuz skool is boring

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