Joke test of taking children seriously

Taking Children Seriously people will cringe at the educational agenda implied by this joke, whereas homeschoolers/unschoolers will find it funny, and others will wonder what it’s all about.

Theory-laden observation

Sense perceptions—physical sensations—DEPEND—on a rather low level—on how one is thinking about them. Observation is theory-laden.

Coercion punishes children for reasoning

The problem is that when coercion is used, it really doesn’t matter whether your reasons make sense, or whether the task is the right thing to do. They have to do it regardless. It precisely blocks their thinking in that area.

The primary function of teachers is to coerce children

The primary function of teachers is to hold innocent people against their will (in other contexts known as “imprisonment without trial”), to force them to do things they don’t want to do, to stop them doing things they do want to do, and to “train” (coerce) them to conform.